Choosing the Right Puppy Food

21 Sep

Getting a new puppy in your home can be an exciting moment but can also demanding. You may find it difficult finding the right food for the puppy with various varieties of food. Moreover, you may not be familiar with the right diet for your puppy that will ensure it grows healthy. You can start by consulting your local veterinarian and ask what should be the component of nutrients in the diet that will ensure the food is healthy and balanced. The following are a few other tips that will help you get the right food for your puppy or here's how to choose the best puppy food.

You need to choose the brand of the puppy food wisely. The best brand would be from a producer or manufacturer that has passed the AAFCO feeding tests. This implies that components of that particular diet have been tested by feeding it to other puppies and have shown there are no deficits or dangers. Some unscrupulous pet food manufacturers are more focus in making profits and never test the feed to an actual dog for testing before releasing it to the market. AAFCO certified pet food products are the best for your puppy as they are produced by facilities that have invested in scientific research and consult with veterinary nutritionists. This is to ensure that what is produced is a food product that is well balanced without shortages that may affect the growth and development of your puppy negatively.  Visit to learn more.

It is essential that you look at the ingredients of the puppy food before buying it. The reason to do this is that the components in your puppy food and how balanced they are key to the growth of your puppy. For instance, the fatty acid DHA is essential to the development of your puppy's nervous system. Therefore the diet you give your puppy should have higher levels of DHA to help in the development of the puppy's brain, eyes, and ears. This means it will make your puppy smarter as the DHA improves memory and trainability.

The factor of calories matters a lot to your puppy. Puppies need more energy to grow and develop, and not to mention hoe playful they are. Therefore puppy food should have higher portions of calories than mature dogs to compensate for the energy used. Around half of the consumed calories by your puppy are used on the growth and development of body tissues. You need to give your puppy food that has enough nutrients that will help them to grow healthy and properly. Watch this video about puppy food: 

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